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When it comes to propane gas suppliers and services, look no further than Central Gas & Appliance, Inc. We specialize in propane deliveries, appliances, and supplies. As a family-owned company that’s been around since 1946, we do our very best to provide the best service in the area.   


Central Gas & Appliance, Inc. has an extensive range of gas appliances from reliable, well-known brands. You can be sure that when purchasing a gas appliance from Central Gas & Appliance, Inc., it will be of a high standard, installed by our certified service technicians according to industry regulations.


We offer services for:

  • Space heating, water heating & fireplace products 

  • Clothes dryers, cooking & lighting

  • Fireplace products, standby generators & gas grills

  • Forklift fuel

  • Manufacturing

Come by to see us and we will help you explore the best options available.


Types of Delivery

Automatic Fill

On automatic delivery, we will monitor your usage and fill the tank as long as your account is in good standing. If you add new appliances to your account, please let us know at the time they are installed so that your account is up to date and we have the correct projections calculated. There are no delivery fees for automatic delivery on the route. If you are not currently on automatic fill and would like to be, please call us.  


Will Call

The customer is responsible for contacting us to request delivery. Once the delivery is requested, we will add it to our next schedule route rotation for fill up. Please note that this could be up to four weeks away so you will need to plan accordingly.  

If a delivery is needed sooner, please see the next section (Delivery Off Route/Special Delivery.) We do have discretion to deliver sooner without the special delivery fee only if we have a truck passing through your area, prior to the next scheduled delivery. 


Delivery Off Route/Special Delivery

If a delivery needs to be made prior to a regularly scheduled stop it may be up to five business days before we can deliver. There will be a delivery fee of $85 during regular business hours and a delivery fee of $170 after business hours or on holidays. This covers the additional costs we incur for the truck and driver to deliver off the regular routes or after hours.  


How to Read Your Gauge

Reading your propane gas gauge is very simple to do. The gauge is located under the dome lid at the top of the tank. The number on the gauge is a percentage. The pointer in the middle of the gauge points to the percentage that is in the tank. Your propane tank is full at 80%, allowing for the expansion of the propane vapor. If your gauge is showing 20% or less, please call us to ask for a delivery.







Gallons Remaining

Each gallon of propane provides 91,547 BTUs. If you know the BTUs of your propane appliances, you can calculate how many hours your propane will last. In an average environment and usage, this can give you a projection:

  • Propane gas dryers use approximately 15 to 25 gallons per year.

  • Hot water heaters can use between 200 and 300 gallons per year.

  • Gas stoves use approximately 25 to 30 gallons per year.


New appliances, changing the usage pattern of an appliance, and household size changes are a few things that may influence your usage. Please let us know of any of these changes.  





Payment Options

You may pay by cash, check, or any major credit card, by mail, in our office, or online at Click on the Customer Portal button above. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. A late charge will be assessed on unpaid balances after 30 days at 1.5% per month (18% annually.) 


If payment is not made within 30 days, your account will be put on hold and no further deliveries will be made until the account is paid in full. Please contact our office if you have a hardship and we will do our best to work with you on payment arrangements or setting up a budget payment plan. If the account goes 90 days past due, services will be disconnected and your account will be turned over to a collections agency, with a $25 collection fee. There will be a $85 restoration fee to reconnect services. A $20 returned check fee will also apply to any returned payment.


Budget Payment Plan

This gives you control to know exactly what to pay each month. We will create a payment plan based on your historical or projected usage and you pay equal payments for 12 months. On the 12th month, any unpaid balance will be added to your budget payment for payment or credits can be applied to reduce the following year's budget. We begin our budget payment plans in May of each year. Please call us to set this up. (336) 672-3336. To make this easier, we can set up automatic payments from your credit or debit card. You may set up automatic payments on our website or call us at (336) 672-3336.


COD Customers

Customers who are on COD must pay in advance to have a delivery made on their route. We encourage COD customers to pay in advance through regular payments or automatic card billing, to build credit to the account. Therefore, when we are on your route, we will automatically deliver the amount of gas equal to your account credit. This will prevent us from skipping you on the route and avoid the Special Delivery Fees.  


Minimum Charges

At Central Gas & Appliance, Inc., we provide a storage tank for our customers to use. As owners of the tank, we are responsible for the maintenance, safety checks, and compliance of the tank. If the tank ever needs replacing, we do so at no cost to our customers. We do not charge tank or lease fees. However, we do require you to purchase one tank of propane per year. If you do not, we do charge a minimum charge to cover these maintenance expenses. This charge will appear on your July statement depending on the type of account you have and if you have not purchased the required number of gallons in the previous period July 1—June 30. 



*Only Charged if You DO NOT Purchase One Tank of Gas between July 1 - June 30.


Service & Maintenance Offered

All appliances must be properly maintained to ensure they operate safely and efficiently. We recommend annual appliance inspections. Let our experts help you extend the life or your appliances. There will be a service fee of $85/hour + parts during regular business hours and $170/hour + parts after business hours or on holidays. Call us today to set up an appointment for servicing your propane appliances.

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